Zumba Shoes

The Zumba fitness program is easy to follow and growing popular by the day because it lets you enjoy an intense cardio workout set to the catchy and fast-paced rhythms of Latin music and world music. The Zumba experience has become a worldwide rage and today as many as 125 countries have Zumba enthusiasts. To do this fast-action workout routine, you will shock absorbing footwear that has been specially designed in order to upgrade your Zumba experience. You need to choose Zumba shoes which have excellent shock absorption features and allow you to move lightly on your feet. These usually have multi-directional support and practically no tread on soles. They are lightweight and this makes it easy for the dancers to glide and do turns. Zumba shoes must have extra cushioning for greater comfort. There are cross trainers with inserts which can make your workout more comfortable. Zumba shoes usually have wide out-soles for better support. They also have leather or mesh upper soles. You can check out the following popular Zumba shoe models sold on Amazon when you are planning to buy Zumba footwear.

  1. PUMA Women's Janine Dance Shoe: This dance sneaker is made from synthetic material and comes with an imported rubber sole which offers great grip. It has cushioned footbed and a lace-up closure for a more secure fit. It also comes with mesh lining and color-pop logo.
  2. RYKA Women's Influence Cross Training Shoe: This women’s training sneaker has synthetic and mesh layers for greater comfort and breathability. Support is given through the Direct-Fuse and Flex-Foil layers. The shoe has textile lining and the Precise-Return insole allows for greater comfort for your feet. The double-impact midsole gives better cushioning at the forefront and the heels. There is a padded collar and tongue with a bouncy return insole.
  3. Zumba Women's Flex Classic Sneaker:  This shoe is perfect for those who want to move freely, spin, glide and turn easily. This shoe is ideal for people craving for more flexibility and support. You can find them in two vibrant shades to match your personality type. It is synthetic with imported rubber sole and heels measuring approximately 1.25 inches. The Pointe toe gives better balance and comfort when you are dancing. The Z-arch gives great arch support and lets the dancer slide easily on any type of surface.
  4. Zumba Women's Z1 Dance Shoe: This footwear lest you move freely because it is light in weight and outsole has dual pivot points which allows for easy sliding movements and better grips. It is also known for offering better support and good cushioning and this makes it excellent for the Zumba.
  5. RYKA Women's Exertion Shoe: Ryka shoes are typically designed according to every woman’s unique fit needs. These shoes have excellent fit and great comfort making them the most popular in this industry. The shoe comes with synthetic leather, air mesh layer which increases breathability. There is a padded collar and tongue with a lace-up system for better fit. The sot textile lining of the shoe along with the Ortholite footbed gives comfort throughout the day. The shoe is lightweight and equipped with EVA midsole, durable rubber outsole which guarantees better support, traction, and stability.
You can check out all these Zumba shoe models on the Amazon website and choose the one which suits your needs and budget. A good pair of Zumba shoes should help you make lateral moves and rotations easily without causing injuries.